Help your employees commute safer, easier and economical with GreenPool

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Benefits for your enterprise

Admin Benefits

Reduce parking congestion.

Save money on employee transportation.

HR Benefits

Reduce your employees’ travel related stress.

Improve your employees’ travel safety.

Increase employee engagement and productivity.

CSR Benefits

Achieve your sustainability goals easier by reducing carbon footprints.

Employee Benefits

Safer, flexible and economical commute.

Networking opportunity with like-minded colleagues.

Our Enterprise Platform offers…

Custom Solution

Our solution is easy to implement and configurable according to your company rules and policies.

Insightful Reports

Know key metrics for your enterprise such as CO2 emission reduction, number of cars taken off the road and more.

Trust & Safety

Mutual ratings, trust meter and other safety features make our solutions safer for your employees to commute.

Customer Service

Our quick responsive customer support team will provide necessary assistance in case of any issue.

Statistics For Employees

GreenPool app provides employees with stats of their rides such CO2 emission reduction, savings on fuel & money and more.


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